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Our Pet Door Insert allows your pet access to outside without the need to cut or modify your existing doors like conventional pet doors do. Simply insert the Pet Door Insert into the frame of your sliding glass door, adjust the extendable panel on the Pet Door Insert to match the height of your sliding glass door and the job is done. Your pet can now enjoy unlimited access to the outdoors day or night!!!!

You will not be interrupted when watching TV or sleeping to get up and open the door to let your pet in and out. With the use of our Pet Door Insert, your pet will have access to outside whenever they please. As you will be able to keep your glass sliding door closed, this will help you save on energy, so your house will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

You will have peace of mind when leaving your pet at home knowing that they will enjoy their life and freedom.

You can even take it with you when visiting or moving!


Click below to see a demonstrational video on how to install our Pet Door Insert.
If you have any additional questions please email us at sales@patiolink.com.au and we will respond promptly.

WE are AUSTRALIA’s No 1 Pet Door Insert – 10 years of serving 1000’s of happy customers!!!


SUPERIOR PRODUCT: Our Pet Door Insert is constructed from heavy gauge aluminium extrusions similar to those used in the construction of your sliding doors. No other Pet Door Insert sold in Australia uses this strength and quality of material. We have spent many years developing the RIGHT aluminium profiles which offer maximum strength and are adaptable to the range of different sliding doors on the Australian market – our customers often comment that once installed, our Pet Door Insert does not stand out – it looks just like the part of the existing sliding door.

Often we get calls from customers who previously purchased Pet Doors from other suppliers saying that the other doors are too ‘flimsy’ and can be easily pushed in from the outside. Once they receive our products, we get lots of praise on the construction and superiority of our doors! - see customer feedback.

We also use 5mm safety tempered glass which is the same thickness and quality as used in your sliding door.

We know that we provide the best Pet Door Insert on the market and this is why we comfortably give 10 years warranty.


1) For installation of Pet Door Insert alone, you do not need any tools. Installation procedure is very simple and you do not need anyone to install it for you. 

2) If you choose to install Pet Door Insert with the Screen Door Adapter (so you can lock both your glass and fly screen door against the Adapter) you will require some tools - (like hand drill, screwdriver and metal hand saw). However, any handyman can easily follow our instructions which are enclosed with purchase of the Adapter.

3) 3rd OPTION WITH THE LOCKING BRACKET - If you do not have a fly screen door but you are interested to lock your glass door against our Pet Door Insert using the existing door handle – you can install our specially designed locking bracket. Basically, you can install the locking bracket onto our Pet Door Insert and you can transfer the female locking dock onto the locking bracket – see photo below:


You can email us a photo of your door handle with a latch and of the female locking dock, so we can ensure that our locking bracket is compatible with your locking system in which case you do not have to purchase the adaptor. With the locking bracket, you will receive our simple installation instructions.



1) Without the Screen Door Adaptor:
Locking is done by installing a patio bolt in the upper corner of your sliding door. For Safety reasons, many customers have already installed patio bolts in their sliding doors. If you have patio bolt installed - once you get the Pet Door Insert, you only have to drill one additional hole in the upper frame - (If you do not have the patio bolt, you can purchase one from any hardware store). Please note: when you install your Pet Door Insert without the Adapter, you have to leave your screen door open to allow your pet to use the flap on the Pet Door Insert. Alternative locking option is to insert a wooden dowel into the inside channel of your sliding door. In both cases you are locking your sliding door against Pet Door Insert, and therefore securing the installation.

2) With the Sliding Door Adaptor:
Our optional Sliding Door Adaptor is an excellent feature – it allows for your sliding door functionality to remain the same. This means following:

• The locking of your sliding door can remain the same – you can still use your sliding door handle to lock your sliding door;
• The locking of your screen door can remain the same - you can still use your screen door handle to lock your screen door;
• In summer months you can open your glass sliding door and close the screen door to let fresh air in. In winter you can keep both glass sliding and screen doors closed and the flap always remains operable!

Please note - If you live in the area where there is a lot of noise or wind draft – we highly recommend purchasing the adaptor. The Sliding Door Adaptor provides a channel for the sliding door to close into which greatly reduces and eliminates noise or draft from the outside.

3) With the Locking Door Bracket:
As mentioned above, this option is handy when you do not have screen doors and wish to lock sliding doors with the existing door handle.


OUR MISSION: is not just to provide the best product but also to make sure that our customer service and after sales service is the best in Australia. This is something we have found does not exist in any other provider. We want your experience with us to be something you can tell your friends about.

When you invest in our products we stand by you through the whole process, whether that is right at the beginning of your journey or later when your requirements change, even if that is several years later. In the past 10 years of operation we have helped many of our customers in providing adjustments that may be needed with our product, for example when moving house with a different sliding door height or situation and sometimes when they bring a new pet into the family.

We know we are the most committed and reliable Pet Door Insert provider in Australia.


FLAP CONSTRUCTION: We use tough, durable and a lightweight Polycarbonate Flap. The reason why we are using this material is so that the flap although the most used part of the Pet Door, will last after years and years of swinging back and forth and being pushed by your pet.
Our magnetic flap closure ensures that the flap remains closed. If needed, you can move magnetic plates to adjust the magnetic force. You also get the lockable flap cover which slides on the inside to cover the flap.

One of the main points of the Pet Door is for the pet to use it comfortably and happily. Because of this it is important for the flap to be just the right size. Through years of our research and experience, we have optimised our flaps for different pet sizes and breeds.

Note - the rise of the Pet Door opening (height between the floor and the bottom of the flap) varies according to the different flap size. Some Pet Door Insert providers believe that providing a long length of flap with smaller rise is beneficial but through our years of research we have found this to be incorrect. Long flap adds unnecessary weight and might put your pet off using the Pet Door. This applies especially to XL sizes.

We also offer flap size customisation. If you want to tailor your flap size to the height and width of your pet, in our factory we can accommodate most requests and we will manufacture for you customised Pet Door Insert usually within 1-2 weeks. For example, if you have a very tall dog and also a small dog that needs to use the same pet door, we can even customise our flaps to provide a smaller flap inbuilt into the rise of the larger flap. Also, if for some reason you require a soft flap we can provide this custom option.


COLOURS: All of our Pet Doors come finished in powder coating colours (black, white, grey and primrose) to match your existing doors. With the choice of colours, our Pet Door Insert can blend in with your existing sliding doors, it will not stand out. We also offer colour customisations, just check with us if your specific colour is available.


WEATHER SEAL: We include a mohair strip and a rubber seal to prevent draft once the Pet Door Insert is installed.


VALUE FOR MONEY: Our Pet Door prices are the best value for your money. You may find cheaper products however you get what you pay for. We don’t compromise on quality.
When you buy Patio Link Pet Door you get a long lasting pet door with excellent and proven customer support.


WARRANTY: All materials used in construction of our products are durable and lasting. We offer 10 years warranty, excluding normal wear and tear. Most other products on the market offer ONLY 1 Year Warranty.


WE STRIVE FOR YOU TO HAVE A PLEASURABLE EXPERIENCE IN DEALING WITH PATIO LINK. If for any reason you are not happy with our product we offer a 100% money back guarantee (excluding delivery charges) within 10 days of purchase, providing the product is unused and in the same condition as it was sent to you. We do not charge any restocking fees like some suppliers on the market may charge you.


Easy to install & no cutting required

Adjustable height to fit standard sliding door (2.0 - 2.1 m)
High quality finish
Heavy duty aluminium (powder coated)
Safety tempered glass (5 mm)
Unbreakable polycarbonate flap with magnetic closure
Lockable sliding flap cover
Custom sizes and colours available
Ideal for Renters

Customer Testimonials:


Optional feature for more advanced installation

The Sliding Door Adaptor is an optional additional aluminium extrusion which attaches
to the side of the Pet Door Insert. The Screen
Door Adaptor will enable the following convenient functions:

1) Sliding Door locking remains unchanged

2) Screen Door remains operational and
locking remains unchanged

3) Improved seal between glass sliding door
edge and the Pet Door Insert edge

4) Sliding Door Adaptor acts as a
reinforcement column, reinforcing the
whole installation

 More Info

We are very proud of our product and we are looking forward to sharing our fantastic Pet Door Insert with you and your pet(s). Our happy customers all over Australia highly recommend our product and give much positive feedback. We want you to have the same experience!

We have spent a great deal of time working hard to develop a product of high quality to match the standard of Australian sliding doors. The aluminium extrusions we use to manufacture our Pet Door Insert are similar to that of your exisiting sliding door aluminium frames. This means that our product is not only of excellent standard but it also looks great and blends in with your sliding door.

The glass section is made from 5mm safety tempered glass and the flap is made from durable UV resistant polycarbonate. We have chosen durable materials for construction to ensure that our Pet Door Insert will last you for years.

 All materials used in construction of sliding doors are durable and lasting. We offer an unbelievable 10 years warranty, excluding normal wear and tear.


If you wish to see our Pet Door Inserts on display in our factory OR to pick up directly, please note we are opet to public 6 days a week (MON-SAT) 10am-4p OR by an appointment - mob:0416 512 688

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