CAT WINDOW INSERT for a sliding window


Patio Link is proud to present our Cat Door Insert for Sliding Windows. It allows your cat easy access to outside. It is easy to install and like our Pet Door Insert for Sliding Doors, you can take it with you when you move.


Is your window taller than 1.2m?

Please measure the height of your sliding window from top inside channel to the bottom inside channel.

If your sliding window is between 0.8 - 1.2m tall, that means your window is a standard height.

If your window is taller than 1.2m - No problem, we specialise with a custom height window inserts up to 1.6m tall.

NOTE: Simply when purchasing online select option "Custom 1.2-1.6m" and its only $35 extra to get a taller panel.

Window Lock.jpg

We recommend using window locks like these to secure the window in place. Bunnings sells them for less than $10.



1) EASY INSTALLATION - Cat Door Insert comes with an adjustable panel to adjust to the height of your sliding window. Adjustment range is between 0.8 and 1.2 m measured between the top and bottom window channel.

If your sliding window is outside of this range, please select taller panel online for only $35 extra.

2) FLAP SIZE -  suitable for standard size cats. Flap hinge is at 25 cm and flap width is 16 cm. 


The hole of the flap opening is 16cm (width) x 23cm (height). The total width of the cat door insert is 23cm. Please check that your cat can pass through the opening - 16cm x 23cm - which is suitable for most standard size cats. It could be too small for larger cats.

3) COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM - Powder coated white and  primrose (Primrose available for limited time only)


4) FOUR WAY FLAP SELECTOR - allows you to select the flap opening modes: (NO IN, NO OUT), (FREE IN , FREE OUT) (FREE IN, NO OUT) (NO IN, FREE OUT).


5) RIGID CONSTRUCTION - Cat Door Insert is constructed from powder coated aluminium frame, polycarbonate clear windows and polycarbonate flap. Since all materials used for construction are durable and long lasting, we offer 10 years warranty!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING available for this item! 

For More Freight Cost and Information please email


We guarantee you'll love it!

Quality you can trust!

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