Can I securely lock my doors once a Pet Door Insert is installed?   

YES YOU CAN!   See our locking options available below: 


Locking Bracket comes FREE with Patio Link pet door insert

Simply install a locking bracket on your pet door insert vertical frame, in aligment to the handle lock, relocate your current female latch onto the locking bracket and securely lock your glass sliding door.

Then secure the pet door insert to your sliding door frame by putting one or two screws through the existing hole/s where the female latch used to sit, to catch the pet door insert though the frame, that way if anyone tries to push the pet door insert out - they can not.

Very easy to install - no damage to your sliding doors.

Tools required: Hand drill and screw driver


An adaptor is a great feature to have to securely lock both fly screen/security and glass sliding doors.

An adaptor is a long skinny panel that gets installed next to pet door insert.

Adaptor comes little longer so it needs to be cut and fitted so it sits nice and snug into your track at the top and bottom.

All female latches need to be relocated to adaptor panel.


This is excellent feature to have especially when you like to have some breeze coming inside your home and you will keep unwanted bugs out.

Tools required: Hacksaw, Hand Drill, Screw driver, Pliers

Adaptor close up and how it works:

Adaptor (U-Channel) installation video, what is involved and what tools are required:

Adaptor full installation video, what is involved and what tools are required:

Our adaptor is 10cm wide. If your track at the bottom is wider up to 18cm, you will need our Adaptor Panel PLUS L Profile, which is adaptor extender, so it can reach fly screen door:

Some Sliding doors dont have a fly screen door but U Channel adaptor is required to create a better seal from top to bottom, or sometimes if female latch is located inside channel, you will need this panel so you can relocate female latch to U Channel adaptor:

CORNER Installation where fixed glass panel is:

Another way you may like to consider to install your pet door insert is to install pet door in a corner where your fixed glass panel is.

You will need to look for screws that are holding your fixed glass panel in place, unscrew them - and slide the fixed glass panel & fit a pet door insert in a corner, then secure the fixed glass panel in a new position with a few new screws at the top where fixed panel is.

Doing installation this way means you do not need a locking bracket or an adapter and your main entry and locking remains untouched.

When you move house, you just undo everything and put it back in original position.


Some sliding doors have a cover at the bottom track. If you have a cover at the bottom, you will need to pop it out (either leave it out, or cut the cover to be shorter) so you can slide the fixed panel across.



You can get wheels $40 to install at the bottom inside of our pet door insert and wheels will make the pet door insert slide with your sliding doors. 

You place the pet door insert in your glass sliding door channel and relocate your existing female latch to either a locking bracket or adaptor.


And then you need to connect pet door insert to the sliding door frame with one screw, we will send you a little plate  to connect the two together - one screw into the plate into an existing hole where female latch used to be and  one screw through the plate on vertical extrusion of  the pet door insert.



Please measure:

- How wide is your bottom track of your glass sliding door?

In order for wheels to work, your bottom track needs to be 2.8cm or more. If your bottom track is less than 2.8cm wide, wheels will not work and you will need to request for us to send you 2 little legs to go at the bottom inside of the pet door insert.   2 legs will not allow pet door insert to slide but it will ground the pet door insert into your bottom track, and you will need to fix one sliding door (where female latch is), and have other sliding door with handle male latch to slide open and closed.

- How wide are your both vertical side channels? They need to be 2cm or more in width.

If you are not sure if your doors are ok and compatible for installation and locking, please send us some photos of your doors including a photo of both locks and a photo of your bottom track too.

Please hold a measuring tape inside bottom channel and both side vertical channels and take a photo and email us so we can check and confirm all will be ok and compatible for installation and locking to your door.

Email: sales@patiolink.com.au


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